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So who can learn Reiki and why would you want to?

Anyone can learn Reiki &ndash if you want to have something you can do to help with any situation and which is complemenetary to our medical treatments! You may even ditch the headache pills in favour of putting your hands on &ndash I have.

The name given to this system of healing, is Reiki, but the word Reiki was not introduced by the founder, Mikao Usui. It was already part of Japanese culture. It means cosmic or universal energy. But Usui Sensei used ";Shin Shin Kaizen Usui Reiki Ryoho", which means "For Improvement of Body and Mind Usui Reiki Healing Method".

Reiki is a great, nartural way for your body to get the assistance it needs to heal itself. Along with strong mental and emotional support.

Having learnt in 1998 I went on to study with my current teacher, who grew up without a medicine cabinet, due to his Mum's devotion to Reiki since the 1930's &ndash Tadao Yamaguchi.

Courses and Talks

Shoden – Level 1

The first level in Reiki is called Shoden. There are 3 sections and students receive one Reiju (attunement) in each section. This is equivalent to all of Reiki I and some Reiki II in western Reiki. You will learn both theory and practice along with the history of Reiki.

The course is very informative and practical, whilst remaining enjoyable.

So what will you learn...


If this wasn’t enough, you will also be presented with a Japanese certificate identical to the ones presented by Dr. Hayashi in Japan over 100 years ago.

Okuden – Level 2

The second level in Reiki is called Okuden and consists of 2 parts - i. A treatment for psychological issues. ii. Distance healing - how to connect to someone anywhere in the world and how it works. Students will receive one Reiju (attunement) in each of the sections.

The focus of the second level is to be able to treat your mental and emotional issues. Along with the ability to give treatments when you can't do "hands on" with a person.

So what will you learn...



If you have taken a Reiki course which is not Jikiden Reiki, don't worry we are all energy and Reiki energy doesn't change what does though is the content and method of teaching. Jikiden Reiki is different because it is the closest teachings / information to the founders that can be learnt today. This is not to say it is better, just original. A lot has been changed since coming to the west and many things added. Take the symbols for example they have been slightly changed and not passed on with all the background which has much meaning. This has allowed teachers and students to make up how they work. I read the other day that the symbols and uses are definitely defined by your intention and what you think, but this is not wholly true - The symbols have meaning, method and application. This is just one aspect which is why I encourage you to pursue Jikiden Reiki to learn the basics which were previously not available to you. Great benefit too - it counts as cpd !


Course Dates Coming up

London - 2016

April 15th to 17th- Shoden & Okuden (Reiki I & II) course

August 19th to 21st- Shoden & Okuden (Reiki I & II) course

Held in the Fourth Flour Practice - 86 Harley Street

                    London W1G 7HP

The seminar will run:
10am - 6/7pm

Places are limited, so please book early!

Costs: Pricing: The Jikiden Reiki Institute in Japan has fixed fees for each country so all students pay the same price. £425 for the three days. (If you would prefer to split the course then £195 for Shoden and £230 for Okuden)

You will also receive a certificate in English.

Please contact me for course joining details on +44(0)7803085236 or email jonathan(a)