Safe Hands Consulting

Q. What is Reiki

A. it is a simple and down to earth way to help you to be well, both physically and mentally.

Q. How does it work?

A. The body heals itself, but sometimes it needs help because of toxins and blockages in the energy system of the body. A Reiki student is reconnected to the energy that is all around us and allows it to flow through them to help either themselves or someone else by putting their hands on problem areas. What do you do if you bash your knee? rub it! why?

Q. So who can do it?

A. Anyone ! Yes, you me - them, everybody, everybody. The founder of Reiki Mr Mikao Usui was keen to emphasise that this is available to all.

Q. Is it a religion

A. No, it isnít but Reiki does draw on the resources from different philosophies and religions to enable an effective method to get well and stay well, but doesnít have a doctrine or belief system attached.

Q. So, I have learnt Usui Reiki but what is Jikiden Reiki.

A. All Reiki, except Jikiden Reiki , in the west today has come through a lady in Hawaii called Mrs Takata (yes there are one or two other schools who say they teach original Japanese styles, but they have no proof of their lineage! And evidence seen suggests they have a Takata passed on methodology). She did a great service to the world by introducing Reiki to the west, but the method she used for teaching didnít help to keep the original teachings in tact. It lead to omissions, errors and additions which were not Reiki. This happened because her students had been given what they were interested or best at but not a whole methodology with the understanding passed on. This is not a judgement upon her or her students but a wish to have a fuller understanding of what is going on with Reiki today. Having learnt Jikiden Reiki, which has all the teachings as they were originally past on, we can see where the changes came in and it is in that evidence which sets Jikiden Reiki apart from all other Reiki available today.

What to expect

It is very important to understand that Reiki, although a very effective treatment for all ailments, is not a miracle cure.

Having said that, the benefits are substantial. There are two treatments available through Jikiden Reiki, firstly the physical hands on therapy which can help with any sickness or damage to our bodies. The second is a mental / emotional treatment which gets to the core a problem. The majority of people have no idea the effects of the thoughts are having on their bodies.

A treatment can be anything from 1 to 2 hours. As a client you will remain clothed You may also receive a light massage at the end of a treatment.

A cure can never be guaranteed with any form of healing method, but Reiki treatments will help, whether in a physical or emotional way. We are looking at the cause of problems, which you may be unaware of and not just symptoms.

It may be that Reiki is something for you to learn and help your self with over many years. If a problem has presented for many years, it may take years to heal.